Texas Pepper Jelly Apple Cranberry Habanero Rib Candy


17 oz NET WT.

You may think of fall and holidays when you see the flavor of this Rib Candy, but Apple Cranberry Habanero Rib Candy™ is fantastic any time of the year.

The flavor in this habanero sauce is extra good with turkey and duck.

Is habanero sauce good on turkey?

It is delicious on turkey. In fact, it is tasty on more than that, try it on duck, lamb, and even wild game.

You’ll find the cranberry flavor cuts the bitterness of any wild game or stronger flavored cut of meat.

How do I apply Rib Candy to meat?

You have many options on how to apply our rib glaze. Pour it into a bowl and brush it on. Spatter it all over the cooked meat. You can even use the flip-top that comes on the bottle, which has a pourable spout, and glaze your meat without dirtying another kitchen utensil. That’s the way we normally do it.

Try different techniques and leave us a review on how you used our product and how much you enjoyed it because we know you will.